SGTE Free Binary Database

You can download a database (in the GEMINI2 format) for the following binary systems. The data come from a selection by SGTE :

Ag-Bi Ag-Cu Ag-Ge Ag-Ir Ag-Mg Ag-Pb Ag-Pt Ag-Sb
Ag-Si Ag-Sn Ag-Zn Al-Cr Al-Ge Al-Mg Al-Mn Al-Nb
Al-Pb Al-Si Al-Sn Al-Ti Al-Zn As-Ga As-Ge Au-Bi
Au-Cr Au-Rh Au-Si B-Fe B-Ni B-Ti Ba-Y Bi-Ge
Bi-In Bi-Sb Bi-Sn C-Fe C-Ti C-W C-Zr Ca-Si
Cd-In Cd-Sb Cd-Te Co-Cr Co-Fe Co-Nb Co-Pt Co-W
Cr-Cu Cr-Fe Cr-Mn Cr-Si Cr-W Cs-Na Cs-Rb Cu-Mg
Cu-Ni Cu-Pb Er-Ho Er-Tb Fe-N Fe-Si Fe-Ti Fe-Zr
Ga-In Ga-Zn Ge-Si Ge-Te Ge-Zn H-Zr Hg-Pb In-Pb
In-Sn La-Ni Li-Mg Mg-Si Mg-Zr Mn-Pb Mn-Ti Mo-Ni
Mo-Si Mo-Ti N-Nb N-Ti Na-Rb Nb-V Ni-P Ni-Si
Ni-Ta Ni-Zr Pb-Sn Se-Te Si-Ti Si-W Si-Zn Sn-Zn
Sn-Zr Ti-V U-Zr