1974 :

creation of Thermodata, a non profit association.

Its purposes in the inorganic chemical thermodynamic field are :

1979 :

Thermodata is member of a GIE Scientific Group Thermodata Europe (SGTE)  created on its initiative, between 7 research laboratories (13 today).

1990 :

Thermodata, INPG (Institut National Polytechnique of Grenoble ) and CNRS (the French Research Administration)  are partners in the UMS818 ( joint service unity ) "THERmodynamique et MAtériaux" (THERMA).



THERMODATA is engaged in the international effort of critical assessment and compilation of thermodynamic data and in the development of new computer softwares.

Field of activity :

THERMODATA offers assistance to everyone whose work is concerned with physico-chemical properties of inorganic substances, whatever the framework of their activities and in the most wide-ranging fields :

SGTE (Scientific Group Thermodata Europe)

For twenty five years, the SGTE has been involved in the international cooperation for the compilation, critical evaluation and development of compatible hight quality databases. These databases contain assessed and self-consistent thermodynamic values for stoichiometric substances, and solutions. They can be used  with softwares developed by different members for several applications : the calculation of phase diagrams for multicomponent systems of various sorts, the process development by modeling and simulation,...

The SGTE counts 13 members:


updating : 01/02/04